Freezgard Self Limiting Tape

The heating element of this self limiting tape is manufactured from a semi-conductive polymer that controls the heat output itself. As the temperature falls towards freezing the heat output of the tape increases.

As the temperature rises the heat output and power consumption decreases. This varies all along the tape, so that one part could be on at full power and the next at just a fraction depending on the temperature it senses.


Product Ref W/M@10°C Voltage Max Circuit Length
SL10/240 10 240 180
SL10/120 10 110 80
SL20/240 20 240 120
SL30/240 30 240 100
  • Frost protection at low cost
  • Adjusts to heat output with change in temperature
  • Can be cut to length on site without any waste
  • Will not overheat or burn even when overlapped
  • Full range of controls and accessories available
Product FreezGard SL
Maximum Exposure temp. Intermittent 85°C
Maximum Exposure temp. Continuous 65°C
Standard BS6351 Part 1 & 2 Grade 22
Freezegard self limiting tape diagram
Freezgard operating temperatures diagram
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