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Tile and stone floors in bathrooms, hallways and kitchens don't have to be cold to the touch any more. New technology has made it possible to develop a heating cable which is fairly small in diameter. Together with the grout, this raises the thickness of the floor by about 10mm.

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Icegard is ideal for a wide range of applications for frost protection, industry, farming, food production to name a few. In fact Icegard is ideal for any application that requires a constant flow of water, without the threat of freezing pipes.

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Thermgard is used in hotels, offices and hospitals to maintain the temperature of hot water pipework. It has a higher watts capacity than Icegard enabling it to maintain the temperatures between 55° and 100° C. Thermgard is also suitable for many applications including the refrigeration and petro chemicals industries, fuel oils, edible oils, paints, varnishes, resins, waxes and many other viscous materials.

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Thermomelt has been designed especially for the refrigeration industry to be used as an internal or external drainline heater. Thermomelt is a fixed length tape, with one metre cold lead, terminated at our factory to ensure completely waterproof terminations. This is a series circuit heating tape which is sheathed in silicone rubber, producing 20 or 40 watts per metre along its entire length. Available in 1 - 6 metre lengths it has also been used successfully in process heating and temperature maintenance applications.

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Infroheat's electric heating mat is constructed from a silicone rubber sheathed element. Heating element is tested for water proof insulation prior to mat assembly. Then the heating element is encased between two layers of aluminium foil sheets. Infroheat mat is suitable for applications between -20° C to +120° C.


Single core heating elements are ideal for temperature maintenance and temperature raising applications for pipework and tanks. Infroheat's single core elements are sheathed in silicone rubber and PTFE. Infroheat also supply and install mineral insulated and metal sheathed heating elements. Temperature can be maintained between 40° C to 500° C.


The heating element of this self limiting tape is manufactured from a semi-conductive polymer that controls the heat output itself. As the temperature falls towards freezing the heat output of the tape increases. As the temperature rises the heat output and power consumption decreases. This varies all along the tape, so that one part could be on at full power and the next at just a fraction depending on the temperature it senses.

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